Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Les petits plaisirs - Marcel the shell

Here is the next post in the series Les petits plaisirs. My goal for this series is to share things I've found to be little pleasures in life. It could be a quotation, a song, something I like to do, or a even just a comfort item. Whatever makes me feel good inside, and I think may make you feel good too.

Have you ever seen the video Marcel the Shell with Shoes On?

This cute (and hilarious) animated video is the collaborative work between writer/director Dean Fleischer-Camp and writer/actress Jenny Slate. Whenever I need a smile, this is one of my go to videos. One of my colleagues and I both LOVE Marcel the Shell and have been known to quote it at random.

The whole tone of this video is so positive that I can't help but feel better after listening to Marcel say, "Sometimes people say that my head is too big for my body, and then I say, 'Compared to what?'" I also love when Marcel introduces us to his pet, Andy.

If possible, I think Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, Two is even better.

"If you do drive a bug, you have to be pretty easy going because you're only going to get to go where the bug wants to go."

And when Marcel is hanging out with the dog he tells us, "All he cares about is treats. Treats and snoozin'. Just look at him. Treats and snoozin'. Snoozin' and treats. That's it." And then all hell breaks loose.

But, you have to wait until the very end of the second video for the very best line of all ;)

If you want a little more Marcel the Shell, there is a great post here that shares with us some life lessons from Marcel the Shell.



What YouTube videos do you watch when you need a little pick me up? I'd love to share them in a future post!

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